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Is Canon G9 the best point and shoot?


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Nov 17, 2007
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Is Canon G9 the best point and shoot?

I know that it has many manual controls.

but Is there anything specific feature only this camera has,
and others like canon S5-Is or Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 do not have?

please help
i have'nt used it. i personally always read customer reports on everything i buy but i can tell you that the FujiFilm Fine Pix s700 is only about 300dollars and is A AWESOME!! Point N Shoot.
"best" is subjective but the G9 is definitely one of the best.

(I personally think it is the best out there at the moment)

* Real hot shoe
* Nice digiprocessor
* optical viewfinder
are just a few features not found in many other P&S.
i just got the fuji f50 FD and i LOVE IT!!! when i was deciding, it was between the G9 and the F50 and i picked the F50 only because i love me some fuji LOL
Honestly... the G9 and the F50 are not even in the same category.... .G9 cost twice as much and is loaded with much more features... they are not even close.

I've handled the G9 when my friend and I were shopping between the Nikon 5100 and the G9. The G9 essentially has many/most of the features of an SLR in a compact body with fixed zoom.
true enough, but i shoot manual even with my P&Ss, so features for me weren't really an issue. so long as it shot manual, that was the only thing that mattered to me. i have found the image quality to be good for a point and shoot....if i want something awesome, i'll use my regular camera. :)
Understood... but whenever someone (like my friend) is considering spending $500 USD on a P&S (high end) they are usually looking for something as their primary camera that approaches the features/quality of a DSLR in a compact footprint.

This is the primary reason why it is difficult to find the G9 and Nikon 5100 at your regular electronics store like Best Buy or Circuit City. Typical consumer either spends WELL UNDER $450 for a P&S or OVER $1000 for a DSLR. The consumer market for expensive P&S is small....

He's on the move a lot (Navy) and DSLR just is not practical at the moment. He also has experience in photography and has mentioned that his current kodak P&S just limits him way too much... he misses all the features of his Canon A2E.

You fall under a typical consumer... (like me) someone with a full array of DSLR equipment looking for something of a knock around P&S. My choice was a G5 (my flashes work with it) used purchased for $150. The big deal breaker for me with other P&S cameras was the lack of RAW.

I definitely can see a professional photographer using a G9 as a backup... RAW, Canon ETTL hotshoe.. Canon Digiprocessor. compact size.. full manual operation... allows the photographer to switch to his/her G9 without changing their workflow.

Another camera that falls into this category in my opinion: Ricoh GR II and Ricoh Caplio GX100 (pretty popular in the Leica community).
i used to have an old G years back...maybe a 3 or 4 and i loved it. it was a big sucker though and didn't fit in my purse nicely. LOL do you know how freeing it is to have a camera i can put in my POCKET?!??!? ;)
The G9 is (supposedly) a fantastic camera. On the Leica Forums and Rangefinder Forums (both filled with a lot of pompuous twits) it is considered the back-up, alternative, or walk-around cam to augment the more serious gear. I have a different P&S - the Leica D-Lux 3 - but will probably get the Canon the next time I need to make a choice of that nature (I lose a lot of P&S cameras).
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