Is Craigslist Trustworthy?


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Aug 25, 2008
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I've been wanting a new camera, checked Craigslist because there isn't much for camera stores around here, and came across this:
Nikon D60
Do you suppose it would be a good buy? I've been hoping to find a used one for cheaper, but a quality camera like this could be squeezed into my budget...
Craigs List if full of scammers, so you have to be careful. But reading that ad nothing seems to jump out at me that would say "steer clear".

He has pictures, gives a phone number and asks to meet in person. Seems legit to me. If you contact him, ask for the original Best Buy receipt... then you know it's not stolen.

You should contact the guy if that's the camera you're looking for at the price you want.
I have bought many things off of craigslist, I love to browse and see what is for sale on a daily basis. I live in Houston so we get a pretty good turn around. I have never bought anything without going and looking at it in person and trying it out. I guess approach it like you would buying something out of a newspaper's classified. I would never purchase something that they didn't offer a number or at least an e-mail and offer a chance to meet to see the item
and if you want to know if it's trust worthy, from the only thing I bought it is. I got my 70-200 from craigslist $300 cheaper. and now I'm happy :p

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