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Feb 25, 2009
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so what do people think of b&w as a medium personally i think it adds character and can make a picture really stand out.
what are your thoughts?
I look at a lot of monochrome photos and really enjoy them. I have actually been toying with buying a cheaper film camera and putting b/w film in it.

I have heard that the higher contrast scenes render well in b/w, and I guess it depends more on using different colored filters ( which can be done in the digital darkroom for digitals ).
not sure the word medium applies here, but...
i am a HUGE fan of grayscale...i've said for years that i wish the world where only grayscale...i have since grown to love color, but i am a sucker for B&W.
i think it comes from my old passion for charcoal and pencil drawing.
This question can easily be mapped onto a discussion of, say, oil/watercolor/acrylic vs. pencil/charcoal/etching.
I prefer B&W photography, but like anything else it has it's place.
To me it is a much more artistic style and I beleive the composition, exposure etc must be better than in colour since the photograph must capture the viewer's eye without the use of colour.

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