Is my camera broke - fill flash issues


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Aug 14, 2010
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Okay, it is like this. I have owned a Sony DSLR A350 for two years, and I have only just noticed this .... quirk in the camera.

Sometimes, when I want to take a quick picture without any fiddling, and I need a flash, I set fill flash. Then the little nasty built in flash pops up, does its shiny thing to allow my camera to focus and then I take the picture and ...... no flash. I get frustrated, try again, same conditions and voila it works. Try again, it does not work and does not work at all after that.

I hear you say:

"so give the flash time to recharge?" - have tried that.

"What's you battery life " - currently 56%

Oh and did I tell you my slow synch flash and even red eye reduction works perfectly - every time. Fill flash - intermittent at best. My question is this :

WHAT IS GOING ON??????? Is it me or the camera?
I think this is a question for someone who speaks fluent Sony, but have you tried it in different modes (Program, Shutter prioity, Aperture priority, Manual)?
Yep, read your users manual. The flash works differently in different shooting modes, regardless the brand. You don't mention what shootong mode you are using when you have issues.

Using the pop-up in manual mode will put you in total control.
Thanks for the suggestions guys - definitely a blonde moment on my behalf. I was using the auto mode. The wierd thing is, even in poor light the flash will not work on auto. Maybe it is a sony quirk. I am not too worried no though. I rarely use auto, only for those quick and easy pics. Thanks again.

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