Is the original 5D... recommendable?


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Jun 12, 2011
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So a friend of mine is getting into photography and for whatever reason she's pretty fixed on getting a 5D. Mainly because they are really cheap now (I'm almost tempted to get one) but also as with many people it's full frame or no frame. I said if she wants to go that route and doesn't want to spend a ton on expensive lenses just yet that I had a collection of old M42 lenses that she could use (from my m4/3 collection) if she didn't mind manual focusing. But I have no idea if it is a good choice. I've never even seen the original 5D in person, never shot with it, have no idea if M42 lenses and the 5D are a good team together. What do you guys think? Has the 5D aged gracefully?
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I've shot manual focus lenses on the 5D classic, both m42 and Nikon F-mount lenses. Focusing varies from easy to difficult, depending on the lens, light level, and speed of the subject. The 5D has no live view, no focus peaking,etc., so focusing is done through the viewfinder which is pretty large and reasonably clear, and there is a green AF confirmation dot system. m42 lenses that have Auto/Manual slider switches or buttons to stop down the lens to a predetermined f/stop and then to open it up to wide-open for viewing and focusing work the easiest. But, for a beginner, the rigamarole might be too much hassle, and "action" work is going to be very difficult. For static subjects, like portrait subjects, scenics, landscapes, and things like that, using an adapted lens isn't all that difficult.

I've seen, in walk-in retail, used 5D cameras going for from $475 to $695 within the past six months. So yeah, the prices are attractive.
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You've already got my view in the thread linked above by EIngerson, but to repeat; if you want an affordable way into the 35mm sensor world then the 5Dc is a very affordable and still quality camera body. About its only shortfall is its more mediocre auto focusing setup when compared to some newer offerings like the 7D and 5DMIII - but that is really only a concern if you're into sports/wildlife/action. And heck I know people in all 3 of those areas who will still use a 5Dc and get good shots in the heat of the moment.
Anything is worth buying if the price is right. The 5D was a top-notch camera when it came out. Guess what? It hasn't degraded any with age. Yes, it's specifications have been surpassed, and there are better bodies on the market, but the 5D is still as good as it was the day it hit the streets. If that meets your needs and the price is right, why not?

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