Is the sharpness of your photo only as good as your computer monitor?

In my case, the limiting factor is the sharpness of my eyesight.
My 27" Mac is set to 2560 x 1440, and it looks o.k. to me.
What is the best setting on your monitor to view your photographs?

1366x768 works for me; my images are 3002x2000.
There are different types of TFT-LCD displays, and displays need to be regularly calibrated. TFT LCD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The type that is best for viewing images is a wide gamut, IPS display. (IPS = In-Plane Switching)
Cheap displays, also used in a lot of laptops, are the narrow accurate viewing angle TN displays. (TN = Twisted Nematic)
In between are the PVA displays. (PVA = Parallel Vertical Alignment)

I'm purring right along at 1920x1080.
In terms of sharpness there's one and only setting that a monitor should ever be set at, and that's whatever setting passes the image through untouched without compensating brightness, contrast, or applying any other algorithms to incoming data. You can work your way through the test images on this site: LCD monitor test images to see not only how to set properly your sharpness, gamma, contrast, screen resolution etc, but also see how well (or poorly) your monitor actually passes some of the tests where only different hardware can make have an effect.
I have dual 30" HP monitors at 2560 x 1440 each. My photos vary from ~ 8k by 4k to 3.6k by 2k. For detailed editing I can spread across both monitors. But I am looking forward to getting a 32" 4k monitor later this year. I don't fiddle with the color much. JD

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