Is this a good deal? Sony a350


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Jan 27, 2012
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Sony a350 Digital SLR Camera for $350
Sony SLR Digital Camera 14.2 megapixil with 3 lenses 70mm, 200mm zoom, and 300mm zoom.
2 gig memory card
2 Batteries

I only need an entry level SLR.
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Money? And please ask for a better description of lenses, as is it does not make any sense.
2008. However, again: check which lenses you will really receive. There is no "200 zoom" or "300 zoom", and lenses make the difference on value.
To learn is ok. Most people would not buy it because market leaders are Canon and Nikon, with more availability of gear.
It would depend on what lenses you were actually getting here. Its not a horrible deal unless the a350 has been used a lot. I would say inquire about the shutter count to see how many pictures have actually been taken with this camera.
Thanks guys really appreciate your response. I'll keep on looking. LOL
As said earlier it really depends on then lenses. On ebay body only the a350 runs $250 to $300. You could probably buy this kit, learn with it, then piece it out on eBay for a profit.

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