is this a point & shoot, or a bridge?


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Dec 2, 2011
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trying to figure out if this is a point & shoot or a bridge camera.

as many of you know, me and my daughter are shooting film. canon eos rebel 2000's.

but, some of the lessons i have been trying to take, make film a little less than optimal.

i have two compact pocket sized point & shoots, that i was going to use. a fuji finepix j38 and a kodak easy share m340

but, not having any control, doesn't do me a lot of good. they both have what they call auto mode, which really just gives me control over iso and white balance.

anyway, came across another camera in the house that i've never been extremely fond of. but now i've discovered that it has aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual.

it "looks" like a dslr, but i dont think it is. it's referred to as a point and shoot.

but i'm wondering if its a bridge camera?

either way, i'm not extremely fond of it's picture taking abilities.. but it does at least work better than the pocket cams, and is much faster and convenient for lesson time, over the slr.

any harm in practicing with this?

Olympus SP-510 UZ: Digital Photography Review
"Bridge". Old, but it also shoots RAW. No harm in using it (except that DoF capabilities will be the same as in the others) :)

"Bridge" has only to do with body features, (apparently) bridging the gap between P&S and dSLR. So, if it remembers a dSLR but is not, yes, is a bridge.
Yeah, I'd go with "bridge" as well...kind of an interesting set of specifications it has...10x zoom, 21 scene modes, 7.1 MP sensor...I suppose it could also be classed as an advanced point and shoot, but the feature set for 2006 makes me think "bridge"...and yet, the cost was affordable...

Regardless, it looks like it would be a reasonably capable camera with a bit of practice AND some good knowledge of how it actually works in the field, under various conditions. It's quite feature-laden, and Oly has always,always had a way about their camera designs--they always seemed to be user-loved. Always!

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