Is this combo worth it?


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Sep 20, 2007
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Hi all,

I'm looking at the combo at this website/store:

It comes with the kit lense and a tele lense as a bonus. I was wondering if this is worth it or am I better off getting just a body and buying the lenses? I'm a beginner and know very little. I'm also tempted to get a Rebel XT instead of the XTI for $500 at some of the Black Friday specials tommorow. What's your opinions?

The kit lens is ok, but nothing spectacular, though you can get a lot of perfectly good shots with it. The 70-300 zoom they're packaging is basically a paperweight. Quantaray is the Ritz/Kits house brand, and not really worth much of anything.

The body can be gotten for $520-$600 alone, while with the 18-55 kit lens is in the $625-$750 range, YMMV. The XT is coming down in price regularly, but is still a great camera. My choice would likely be the XTi for a relatively small differential in price considering the added features and capability (not massively different, but still enough to consider it as preferable).

Ritz is just not my kind of store, though they're a big step up from some of the Brooklyn internet sellers...
naw...I'd pass. 700 for it....meh. is where it's at.
yea..thats not really a good combo that i'd look into. I'd rather just buy the body and forget about the kit lens because its not great at all.
Thanks everyone, just what I wanted to know :)
I think it all depends on what kind of lens you are going to get in the end. That 70-300 is a decnt enough lens especially for free.

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