Is this too grainy or dark?

Is this too grainy or dark?

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Jeff Canes

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May 19, 2003
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I can deal with the grain. But I think it could use a slight bump in contrast.
nothing wrong with a bit of grain!. Like dan says, i think it needs a little contrast boost, but that's all
Not bothering me a bit, Jeff. Of course this is from someone who pushed Tmax 400 to 3200. :mrgreen: Grain is seldom a bad thing IMO, and I don't think it's hurting this image.

Maybe 10-15% on the contrast, nothing drastic needed. :)
the grainus is kool but the tint is a bout out imho
Jeff, I agree with everyone else - the grain is fine (in fact looks good in this case) but a little more contrast to make the skier pop would be great. Dave
Thanks for looking, i'll try play with contrast a little tonight, my computer at work only has MS Photo & i'm lost with that program

PS Corry thanks for voting the right answer
The increased contrast works great. I'm not really sold on the tint. Maybe if it was only the slightest tint, like a selenium toning it would work though.
I agree with siorai, the toning might be a little strong, I think the sepia look is a little too 'antiquey' while the photo is conveys action and speed - it just doesnt seem right. The grain looks fine to me. The last one you posted is my favorite of the whole set.

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