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Jun 1, 2007
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Ok, I understand that the bkg is completely blown out. It was one of my first times using flash and I did not have a complete comprehension of flash exposure compensation and the bkg couldn't be saved at all in Post. So, aside from the bkg, is the photo trash?

I posted on another forum and the only comments I got were on the lost bkg. This was also my first and to date only shoot like this, so any suggestions to make these more promising next time?

Sorry I should have said that this pic was taken for her mother and it is about both. It was to show the daughter, but also the grove since her family grows oranges.

At the forums Im usually on they, and I guess I do as well, forget that the intended audience can completely change the picture.
I would have gone with something like this

I agree, I think the vanishing point works much better here :)

i don't mind this; with the crops, i agree the frame should be moved in on the left side, but i would still like to see a fair bit of headroom.
I would have like to see her walking away. An maybe B&W. But, that's just my personal preference.
Seems she is in an uncomfortable pose. The knees look as though their about to go Flamingo.

Also going from shade to sun or vice versa is difficult lighting. Maybe wait until the sun is lower in the sky.

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