Isis-sister of Osiris


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Dec 14, 2004
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Not just sister, but wife of Osiris...

Even if I didn't know the story, I still see a very young woman photographed from slightly above, which in spite of her direct gaze makes her appear submissive, which makes me a little uncomfortable. Being aware of the incest story just reinforces that. Very dark thoughts!

Also, of course, I see Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. You didn't have a Richard Burton back there did you?

How much make-up work was involved in this session (and hair-do work) and how much work did you have to do AFTER the photo was taken? I genuinely wonder because your kind of photography is so different from mine.
Another great shot....but there is no texture to the skin. Is the make-up hiding the skin or was that PP? I really like it thought.

elsapet-----------please stick to weddings

ha ha

cause otherwise you will just take over the world with your photography

this is excellent

by the way whats the story???? behind the pic
by the way whats the story???? behind the pic

Briefly, Osiris is a king, eldest son of the earth god and the sky goddess (Geb and Nut - also brother and sister) and he is married to his sister Isis. This brother/sister marriage thing is pretty common in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Osiris is killed by his brother, who tears his body into pieces and scatters them around the countryside. Isis gathers the pieces together (all except the penis, which has been eaten by a fish) and puts them back together. The gods are impressed with Isis' devotion and bring Osiris back to life as a god in the underworld.

So we have incest, murder, mutilation and resurrection. Not coming to children's TV in cartoon format any time soon...

phew thats a story and a half.

disney not picking it up then? ha ha

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