ISO guide on Revere Model 88.


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Jun 11, 2011
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I know this is a film movie camera but I found an old double 8mm camera and new film to go with it (it is ISO100) so, I was wondering something.

There is an ISO Guide on the side of the Revere Model 88 (example interior scene near window in the summer, bright is fstop 4) I was wondering, what is the ISO of the film in the 40s when this camera was made? Thanks!
Maybe try searching 8mm ASA instead of ISO. You could try the Film Photography Project's forum or their Flickr discussion and ask there, they had a video about the Lomokino, I'm wondering if takes 8mm? or even try looking on Lomography's website, might be an article on there.

I've run across the first two sites linked and a quick search came up with the third.

Movie Cameras
Regular 8mm (aka Standard
In the 50s when I got started Kodachrome was 10ASA daylight and B&W movie film was about 25 ASA. Grain was never anything to get concerned about with 8mm. You just got what you got. I was just going through some of my old filters last week and found a blue one that allowed daylight film to be used indoors and gave an ASA of around 4. You needed a lot of light.

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