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It doesn't quite work, does it?


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Apr 24, 2009
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Ever think: "Damn. This could have been great, but I was impatient, or not sufficiently committed, or didn't experiment enough."? Here's an example of that:

The light and composition is not a disaster; it's just not quite there, no? If I simply would have waited a little longer and/or moved my location, it could've had class; it could have been a contender. Considering how difficult it was to hike up there, that's what I should have done.
Oh well, live and learn. I learned a few things, one of which is how repositioning a tripod on a mountain at sunrise requires some skill. I'm not crazy about tripods.
I would say try playing with the following processes to try and give it a bit more punch - you have the light to work with, it just needs to be boosted up from the flatness you have now:

1) Highpass sharpening - also if you work from a RAW the clarity slider does the same thing - in editing perform this by:
a - bring up unsharpen mask
b - set radius to the max value (around 250) and threshold to 4 and then adjust the amount to a desirable level - watch out for halos forming around subjects.

2) Adjust the contrast of the shot

3) (I've forgotten the name of this process but the method is;
a Copy the base layer of the shot
b Desaturate that layer
c invert the layer (invert is found in filters - adjustments - invert)
d apply Gaussian blur - around 35 or so is a good value
e in the layers pallet set the mode from "normal" to "overlay" you can then adjust the opacity of the layer to adjust the effect

With all those methods use layermasks to try and limit the effect to certain area of the shot - such as boosting contrast without having the white clouds overexposing
There are a lot of good things going on in this shot! The fog, the light, the composition, the elements (the OOF grasses in LRC, the odd trees in foreground,the tree-covered hills, the barren hill at the back) in the picture--all are pretty good, considering how absolutely boring so many landscapes actually are. More advanced image processing/manipulating could help this photo. But yeah--this shows signs of what might have been a very,very nice landscape opportunity; if perhaps the light had gotten sweeter, it could have been a killer as-shot scene. Still--not "too bad".
as usual derrel is right on

i would continue to tweak it and see what you can come up with.

and a great reminder Mother Nature always wins;)
I like the photo. It has 'dreamy' quality.

Considering where you are, and the time you have what else could be done. Any shot is better than none, at least you captured it.

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