It was 105 today with the heat index! (C&C)


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Jun 13, 2010
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Just some more practicing photos. It was about 5pm when these were taken. I'm still working on my seriously blown out skies.

2. Stupid car!


4. I know, cut off toes and blown out sky, but I looovvve this one. :)
Great composition on #1, just simply great.

Very good composition on #4.
105 heat index...:confused:
I am going to call the child labor board.....:mrgreen:

I do not think it got over 70 degrees here today.:thumbup:
These are your best yet.
I've been told by others that if you want your subject exposed correctly, your background is going to be blown, unless you use flash and more importantly, off camera flash.
So I would say these are good exposures, your subject is exposed properly.
Kinda hard to avoid blown out skies at 5pm.

#1 the focus looks a little off. I imagine your shutter speed was rather high so I'm going to assume it's focus and not movement.

#4 This is really a fun shot.

Seems like your daughter doesn't mind having her picture taken too much. Does that get better with age? My daughter is 3.5 and tires of it QUICKLY.
No lol she tires quickly but as long as its somewhere fun and she gets to play shell cooperate. There's a lot of "gimme a real smile"s said. There was prob a focus issue. Some were oof but overall I had more in focus in the whole set so I am improving which makes me happy. And the oof ones were closer to focus which also makes me happy.
haha there's a lot of that in our sessions also! Then she gives a real cheesy smile.
Sometimes I just say, "You look weird." and that's enough to make her smile for a second.
My children are 9,6 and 3 and they run from the camera now. They were my first clients (haha) but now I can not even bribe them to model for me.

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