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Sep 18, 2008
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This is just a few baby photos I have taken recently. I am not so good at lighting. I am really trying but lighting is something I am just not so great at. Still I thought these turned out pretty cute despite that fact. Hopefully they aren't to big. I don't post pics without copyrights anymore as I have had two people already steal and claim my work. Not from this site of course. Just a precaution.





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You definitely need more light in there - they are underexposed. More light would do wonders for them. You don't even need a pro-set up, but a big bright window would be sufficient.

The 3rd one down is the best, IMO, but they all look rather soft and definitely not professional quality. Are you using a tripod? If not, use one. You need to focus on the eyes, especially for a baby - the eyes are all-important. Babies are very wiggly, so you may need to take a lot of shots to get a good one, but it will be worth it.
those are cute pictures..
The last once more shows clear signs of camera shake, so you do have too little light there! And I'm not sure the snotty nose is what is desired in the final pic.

The twins on the arms are a cute take, the photo is too small to tell if that one's really sharp, this small it looks sharp. I'm still debating with myself if I like the spotlight character of your lighting up that one...

The middle pic is cute, though that, too, is soft and quite noisy, too. While some kind of soft contours work fine with baby pics, their eyes should not be ever so slightly out of focus, I think.

In the second the little girl who showed such clear signs of camera shake in your angel series is in focus and not soft this time, which I like. Though I'm not sure the "I look down on you" shows her at her best... :scratch:

The smile of the child in the first photo is so cute! Only is the photo not bright enough. But this child's mommy will always cherish this photo for her kid's smile alone!
Thanks Everyone!
I haven't been using my tripod but will start immediately.
I will take in all the info and post some more soon to see if anyone thinks I might have improved on my camera shake and lighting.

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