It's Bad For Ya...which crop is better?


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Oct 8, 2007
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Vancouver BC
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#2...With this one, I'm trying to show that it's on a ledge, not the ground...
is that on gum?

and i dont think knowing its on a ledge rather than the ground matters one way other other. id go with the first.
my eye wanders in both...I dono why.
I personally don't think it makes much impact as art...but if you have a purpose for it...that's great. If you like it, that's also great. I just don't like it. Hope to see more from you, though!
They both look really gray to me. Maybe up the contrast a bit? Agree with spiffybeth - doesn't make much difference to me knowing its on a ledge.
I don't agree, show more of the edge of the
Lower the camera angle, get just a little more depth of field.
Just my 2 cents.
thanks everybody....
a bit more contrast and a wee bit difference in colour temp..
Try that same contrast change on everything except the butt. And it possible, re-shoot getting more of the ledge in the shot to provide some reference and perspective.

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