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It's clear

Hertz van Rental

We're supposed to post photos?
Nov 8, 2004
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Where am I now?
...to see from the list of currently active users those who are enjoying a busy family Christmas.
Who is escaping from what, I wonder? :mrgreen:
not at all, I just don't have a life :lol:
might be true ;)

well, some might be here to escape exactly that family business for a while ;)
Not too busy, but escaping from even that, all the same! :D
"Family" is looming again in the shape of my f-i-l, who is about to arrive for dinner any time soon now.
Must escape from TPF now in order to get the house f-i-l-fit. See? ;) All the wrapping paper must go :biggrin:
I'm escaping nothing, my family is all here you see.

Having said that, some of my more distant relatives have bought me some very nice presents this morning.
ok im rumbled... i admit i dont like the whole 'gun to the head' christmas philosophy of having to sit in a room for long periods of time with people i have less in common with than that tramp that pissed against my office door last week. But we all have to do it... and im sure when im much older i will look back on these christmasy hols with fond memories.... ok so iv been drinking too... isnt that how we all get through the day? :confused:
But we all have to do it...

No we don't. Leastwise, I don't. I'm sitting at my computer listening to Amy Winehouse, my kids are on-line gaming in another room and I might go cook dinner in an hour or so. Or maybe I'll just get a take-out.
Ah. what it is to be free :mrgreen:
My wife and I are enjoying peace and quiet! My in-laws have taken our daughters to Oklahoma to visit their other daughter (my sister in law) because her oldest son is leaving for Iraq in a couple of weeks. We're celebrating Christmas when they get home.

It's somewhat strange because we haven't spent a Christmas without them in 12 and 15 years! Although, we get a telephone call every 15 minutes.

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