It's official....god sais I can't take pictures this month


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May 10, 2007
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Slapamonkey, New York
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Ok, on top of all the other crap I have been whining about this month, Almost all month long we have had some shty weather. Well today was a beautiful day so I grabbed my P-shooter and went to try some journalistic type pics of some of the stuff resulting from the weather around the house. The batteries are dead, Ok No biggie happens constantly with this thing.I swapped out for some new ones real quick and grabbed some shots seen here. After that I grabed my Canon took it with me to pick up some prints (whitch ain't there.) As I am strolling along back towards home after finding this out I find some interesting to me shots of the river that is way up from usual. I find the bateries are dead, Ok to hell with the luxories, I took the shots manualy with out a meter.

Two cameras with dead batteries at the same time, a lab suddenly full of stuges, weather interfearence, processing delays and still no scanner. Thats some divine intervention right there.

Apparently I am not allowed to partisipate in photography in the month of November :lol:
I sympathise - always keep a compact in the car and mad the mistake of having re-chargeable batteries in it. Sometimes it does not get used for months and needless to say when wanted - flat! Managed to get hold of a couple of AA's So the occasion was recorded. Now make sure a couple of Duracells are in it as well as spare in the glovebox.
Bad thing about the non-rechargeable batteries is that in the course of time (quite a while though!) also THEY lose their power... but Duracells should endure quite a while in the glovebox!

And well, November is what it is. November! What else can be said? Guess why there are so many "Lost my inspiration"-threads out here in all the different discussion forums? November is just not very INVITING ... at least where I am, nature is dead, winter is not to be seen (in the shape of ice and snow), it is dark early and dark until late, and often dark during the day with a thick cloud cover, all the colours are gone, the nice weather is gone ... and what I personally fear is that this stage will stay just like this until March. Last winter was like that. Just ... bleah!
Yeah I have noticed those growing in number, the diffrence with me is I have no lack of ideas or inspiration, just a growing pile of inconviences. I was litterally standing at the photo counter for twenty minuets wile the manager complained to the lab supervisers. On that counter, Batteries of all shapes and sizes and even more shapes and sizes behind me, a whole wall of them. Had I known then my batteries where dead I would have picked up some wile I was there.

To make matters worse I have been trying hold out on what I feel is the best shot of my life and not having anything to show in the mean time is making that harder. :lol:
Try a "two-bin system" with the batteries. One in use, always one spare. When you need to change, that's your signal to buy a new set... carry the drained catteries with you (if they're not leaking) to remind yourself of buying.
Classic Kanban from the Toyota production system :p
Well November is over, but it went out with a bang

or should I say "crack" :grumpy:

Can any one guess what that is?

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