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Aug 2, 2003
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Phoenix, AZ
hey i am really looking into buying the minolta maxxum 5 for my first camera, so far i have been using my mom's Canon AE-1 with 70-210 telezoom lens. i photograph wildlife and landscapes/plants would this camera be a good choice for that kind of stuff?

does anyone know a type of telezoom lens that would work well for the wild life? i would appreciate any other suggestions about another camera that would be very helpful

Hey Vegan, looks like we have a 2nd member from the valley :D

As far as landscapes go, you'll want at least a slightly wide angle lens like a 50mm. That will be the cheapest lens but it will be sharper and faster than a zoom. With wildlife you should be fine starting with the 70-210. You may want something longer eventually.
Your choice of lenses is the most important factor for a given type of photography, not the camera. The Maxxum 5 is fine as well as other brands in it's price range. With a new camera you can look at a lens in the 75-300 range as well as the 50mm or a wide angle lens.

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