I've got a senior shoot tonight!

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Sarah23, May 10, 2008.

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    Yay! I'm excited! We are doing it downtown. She wanted "Urban" type pictures. If we have time, I will also be doing her 1 year old twin foster-brothers pictures!!

    I think this might be the last 100% free shoot I do. I dont know yet. I have been giving them a CD of the photos (and making it very limited as to how MANY shots they get) but I think after this I might start at least making them buy prints from me, and not doing the CD thing. I've had SO much hands-on, great practice lately, and it was defiantly worth all the freebies I've been doing, but I'm starting to feel like I am at the point where I need to charge SOMETHING...even if its just making a tiny bit off prints...so I don't get to be known as the freebie photographer. Ya know?

    Either way, I am excited about this afternoon and hope that the weather isn't too bad!


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