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Feb 4, 2012
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Anyone have any comments on how to get the best shots from the Alsatian above. I think he is quite photogenic but I am the owner so am biased. This pic was taken with a Canon Ixus V3 compact which is now 8 years old. I now have a Nikon P500. Also any C@C on the above shot welcomed. Are their any tips regarding shooting pets?
Alsatian's are indeed photogenic dogs. Pet portraiture is really much the same as human portraiture. The first thing is to get down to their eye level. Almost always, when shooting a subject with eyes, the centre-line axis of your lens should be at the subject's eye-level. Pick settings which show the dog to advantage, for instance above, you have him (with his black and gold coat) on a background of browns and yellows; not the best to show him off. Try green grass instead. Try to capture him in motion and doing things. Also, consider your lighting: some shadows are not a bad thing. This looks like it was shot on an overcast day; the light is flat, even and boring without any shadow to add contrast or interest. Also, watch your composition and avoid things such as the cropped ear. Read up on portraiture; almost anything that applies to people will apply to animals. Your equipment will limit you a little bit, but not much. Good luck!
Thank you very much tirediron. that was a VERY useful reply. Luckily I've noticed the original pic doesn't have the cropped ear! That'll teach me to pay more attention. I'll definitely take your very valid pointers on board. I've posted three pics on here and this is the best advice I've had by FAR.

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