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May 17, 2010
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Redmond, WA
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Here are a few recent shots of my little Jersey boy. A little post-processing was used to pop the colors a bit. C&C welcome. :)

1. (I know I missed the focus on his eyes here)


cute dog, they are all cropped a little tight though, missing parts on all of the pictures.
love 1 and the coloring seems perfect
2-3 could use a little more red like number 1 and the tile floor is distracting ( i have the same tile btw haha) and agreed take a wider shot and dont' crop body parts. :)

and little jersey needs his nails cut! i have a chi who refuses to let me cut them and they get the same way i just have the vet cut them. :) okay sorry for the OT.
WB seems to be off a bit. Wipe the eye snot away (#2&3). Don't cut off the ears (#3). The best PoV is #1, the other two don't work for me mostly because it looks like you walked up on the dog and pressed the shutter release without any forethought.

Mind the collar (the blue bit). Remove in post if you can't in the process.
Thanks all!

kundalini - The "eye snot" isn't wipeable... he's half chihuaua, so he tears up a lot. We just embrace it. :)

girl with brain - His nails are clipped now, they just grow so FAST that sometimes they look super long.
aww so cute great shots

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