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Oct 5, 2010
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A shot of my 18 year old cousin as he was writing his girlfriend's name in the sandstone cliff above a creek. He rolled up his jeans and waded through COLD water to get to the ledge! Now THAT is devotion!:D It's not the greatest shot in composition, but I was standing in the cold water myself (brr) to get the shot and the lighting that day was iffy, too. C&C welcome, and I know there is a LOT to critique about this's far from perfect, but just wanted to know what you thought of it. thanks.
I'm not big on grafitti in the wild,but the pic isn't bad.
thanks...yeah graffiti in the wild isn't my biggest thing either, but he wanted it written in stone. =) And I thought it might make a half way cool picture, if I did it right. Unfortunately he doesn't like his picture taken and wasn't going to stand up there and pose for me, so I had to take it pretty fast. There are some blown places on the picture I can see, now.
anyone else's critique?

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