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Sep 24, 2010
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So had the chance to shoot my friend jessica the other day. this is one of the first ones i worked on. looking at it i see a few things that need work.but want to get others opinions on how i did. I just picked up the lighting setup and backdrop etc so it's allot of learning right now. please be brutally honest.

Jessica1_pp by Sndsgood, on Flickr
Did you liquify her face? Her jaw almost looks like it's dislocated.

Also, the skin tones are a little dark and unusually smooth and you can tell real easy where you dodged the background to make it white. Otherwise the pose if just fine
Also something weird about the whole thing.

Was the studio dirty towards the bottom left or was it a lens that caused some nastiness you tried to clean?
You softened her face, but not her neck and chest... and she looks really weird because of it.

Something also looks strange about the tone of her face... the color almost looks muddy, but that could be a result of poor skin smoothing technique.
yeah i used portrait professional on her face, its new and i went a bit overboard and did notice the diffrence in her face and then her neck area wich wasnt touched. definatly gotta pull back on that. the background just didnt get blown out completly so down on each side of her i had to clean that up. looks like i missed some spots. she has some really weird jaw/mouth/teeth issues. i'll have to do a better job and redo this one.

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