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Aug 22, 2012
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I have been watching speed light videos and really like Joe mcnally's stuff. I see he has many many books out there but I am looking for one that is good to help show how/where to set up lights and settings/tricks and what not. Is there a particular book of his that you would recommend that is straight forward and not too technical??
I've read 'The Hotshoe Diaries'.
It was very enjoyable.

It wasn't really a 'how to' manual, so it's not too technical. It's really just stories and anecdotes about how he has gotten some great shots over the years. I guess there are plenty of tips & tricks in there, but if you're looking for a 'how to', then you might be disappointed.
Scott Kelby has a great series of books with this exact information, i think a total of 5 books.

I'm reading The Hotshoe Diaries right now actually, a very enjoyable read
David Hobby's blog, Strobist, has many,many lessons and tips on how to set up lights. There's even a 101 course that you can do yourself, and along with that are hundreds of images from other members posted on Flickr, which I think is a very valuable resource--to see how multiple other people managed to handle the same assignments.

The Strobist site has grown so large that its organization is a bit,well...loose...

Start here, and then look around: Strobist: On Assignment

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