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Dec 1, 2007
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So I'm reading his new book "The Hot Shoe Diaries" right now,which by the way if you don't have it yet you should get it. It's an awesome book. Anyway I got a few ideas from some of the stuff that he does and made my little girl model for me last night. Anyway here's my favorite of the bunch.

pretty interesting lighting, the door handle bother me though. How exactly did you set up this shot?
im gonna agree about the door handle and latch, i would crop that out. otherwise i like the pose, and natural lighting.
I like the natural lighting and how the shadows fall across her face. I also think you need to lose the door nob. Other than that it is an excellent portrait.
Thanks for the comments. I should have done a little more cropping. Shot was done with a 17-50 racked out to 50mm. Aperture priority f/4.5 1/200th. Matrix metering dialed to -2ev. Had an sb600 outside the window camera left. It was set on TTL with a +1 flash compensation a full CTO gel over it.
I would have liked to had my sb800 so I could have zoomed it out to 105 but it is in the shop getting worked on so the best I could do is the 600 zoomed out to 85...

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