Jpeg or raw for special events

Shoot RAW+JPEG.....
Problem solved ;)
I agree. At the very least I'd shoot Raw.
Shoot raw only, unless you need the jpegs before you can hit your 'puter.
Is there a reason you'd need JPG? The only 2 advantages I can think of are that jpg can be viewed on every computer, and you can fit a lot more of 'em on a memory card. One of those advantages is easily erased by carrying extra cards, so unless you have to give images to somebody before you can sit down at a computer and process 'em, I wouldn't even consider shooting anything but RAW.
kevinfoto said:
I have to give to someone and process them right away so I guess jpeg only

If you are planning on editing/processing them then shoot RAW. JPEGS are processed in-camera so you could just give those to someone without editing but I'd recommend shooting in raw and then just process them quickly. They don't take any longer IMO to process....
Client wants them right away. Red carpet event.

If you're given Zero TIme to edit 'em, JPEG all the say. Just make sure your exposure & WB are dead on.

If you can at least run 'em through a laptop on-site, you can do some simple batch processing fairly easily with a card full of raws. Contrast & Saturation boost, as well as at least an USM.

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