Jupiter Tonight

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by astrostu, Nov 5, 2009.

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    Tonight the sky was supposed to be really good for Boulder in terms of transparency and seeing (shakiness/"twinkling") so I got to the telescopes 20 minutes before the undergrads were arriving for a lab and hooked my camera up.

    I love the 7D's video capability. :love:

    I took about 2.5 min. of video at 30 fps at HD resolution. ISO 500. I ended up using 76 of the 4524 frames taken, so a total of about 2.53 seconds averaged together. The moons were done at ISO 2000 for 30.6 seconds and I ended up averaging 51 of the 918 frames (1.7 seconds).

    After LOTS of processing on the planet to try to bring out some detail, I superimposed it in place of the super-saturated version in the moon shot. Rotated and labeled and this is the result. It's still not as sharp as I want it, but I think at this point I'm limited by optics and by Boulder's turbulent atmosphere.


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    wow! that's pretty impressive that you can still manage to get the banding of jupiter to be prominent.

    my internal space-geek really likes this one. :)

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