Just a dog i saw on the street


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Nov 8, 2015
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View attachment 112300 saw this dog while I was walking around town and so I took a simple picture and thought it looked good n black and white. There are a few technical aspects wrong with it that I try to avoid when doing human portraiture, but I liked it anyway, CC more than welcome.
It looks good in your b&w. Like good, old film. The only thing I would say is the composition. It is not balanced very well. Otherwise it is nice and friendly looking dog.
IMO, framing is way off.
Why did you include all the stuff on the left side?
Why are his/her paws cropped?
Why is he/she over at one side at the bottom?
The BW is a bit dull and flat. His/her eyes ar almost invisibly dark.
The rope trails off over the margin? why.
Thanks both of you, you're definitely right about the composition/framing.

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