Just a few sunsets from today...


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Dec 15, 2007
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Encinitas Cali
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A guy was shooting an hour earlier but drained his batteries, meanwhile I waited all juiced up for these!


This couple is actually looking at their P&S...


A bit of noise, but I like the sharpness of the palm in this crop.


Another day in San Diego (just after the rain) :p

Beautiful shots! But I'm afraid that I hate you now... (jealous)
Beautiful shots! But I'm afraid that I hate you now... (jealous)
Yeah well when your boarding the fresh pow pow, realize I'm 8 hours from any decent sliding and fresh mountain air.

Oh and here is another, pushing the ISO a bit:


I loved San Diego when I went in summer '07 to cali... La Jolla is amazing, must say that I still hate myself for forgetting that Louis Kahn's Salk Institute is in La Jolla. I'm an architecture student and Louis Kahn is one of my favorite architects... I still can't believe it.

the sunset is amazing and I like the couple pic with the palm to the side and the dramatic scenery... good pics... the crop is also good but I prefer the original
I am curious, what focal length are you shooting at? I ask, because I see the same issues I have. When I get in tight, the clouds do not seem sharp. I tend to shoot with a large focal length (200mm) to really crop in on the clouds, but then my depth of field gets reduced. I never realized how short my depths of field were with these focal lengths. I am trying to understand hyperfocal distance also.
I am curious, what focal length are you shooting at?
This was a mostly experimental and distracted shoot, in fact I told my buddy both 'get your own camera' and 'I'm not your *****' as he pushed his NY 'charm' in my ear. I was however nice enough to let him shoot a few.

It was pretty dark on some of these and I wanted to push the ISO a bit. I also did some noise reduction that contributed to the softening. Also most shots were handheld (running from said photo jonezer). I shot both with my EFS 17 - 85 and a few with my EF 75 - 300 1:4 -5.6 USM. Sorry if this is of little use, so see MAV's recent sunset post for a more technical approach and beautiful result.

Here is some data:

Very nice shots, the colors are great in all three. For the last shot, did you crop the couple so that only their heads were showing, or was that the original? I think seeing them in their entirety silhouetted would've been awesome, although I guess it would've been difficult to see them against that dark water.
A few sunsets from today? In my area we only have one per day. I want to live where you live! And BTW, your sunsets are beautiful. Great work.

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