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    I was watching Scott Kelby's photo blog of a guest speaker and like this. Thought it was interesting.

    " ...And so are you, some of you are the real top ten photographers in the world and the rest of us dont even know your alive. You dont even relise how amasing you are. Some of you are just getting started, be patient, dont rush, chill out, you are on your way. Some of you suck and you really need some help. Your camera dosent have a Richard Avedon button does it? Well Avedon sucked, Karsh sucked, Adams sucked, Mary Ellen sucked, Howard sucked, Jarvas sucked. Every photographer in all of history was a horrible photographer for some peroid of time, they learned, they grew, they had dark days, they percevered. That is the way of the artist. Just be patient, keep on going. Transformation takes time from what I seen in my life. It really is worth the wait." - Zack Arais


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