Just a shot

Nice composition, perhaps a bit roomy. good sharpness, reasonable exposure in difficult glare-y late-day sun

Perhaps reduce the contrast by lightening the dark side and vice versa.
note that the cheek on her right side may be blown out.
If this was shot in Raw you may be able to recover it.
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The only thing about the original is how blue the white of her eyes are. I'd whiten those a touch, and then I think its fine.
thanks for the feedback guys

Traveler - yes shot in RAW so ill give your suggestion a go

Frequency - thanks for your feedback i really appreciate you taking the time

Bossy - ive done this slight adjustment in WB and in contrast - what do you think

IMGP7316-2.jpg by milesy7, on Flickr
I like that, it has a nice golden tone to it. Are her eyes different colors?? :D
3 is my favorite. It is very good as-is, but I think it would be SMASHING as a black and white, maybe with just a touch of boosted contrast.
How about this? We lose the nice color, but I think it really brings the focus on her eyes and the lighting of her hair and face:

Maybe sepia, with a bit of edge blur?


I like them all. This is just a great pic.

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