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Jun 18, 2009
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Looking for c&c please :)

Guess I'll go first. I think overall the photo lacks interest. Image is really dark on there is way too much contrast. Just my thoughts for helpful criticism.
i was brought in by the title, but to me, this doesnt seem to do anything with that... but..

in regards to the shot...
the color is terrible on his face...

too much contrast

I don't think it is helpful to use words like 'terrible' in a critique. It isn't constructive and in my opinion quite offensive. :(

There is too much contrast...that has already been said. I can see what the poster was trying to achieve however.. in a sort of James Dean type portrait.

It takes guts to post and I hope Rayne continues until they get the shot they were trying to achieve.
Ok, I don't critique very often because who am I to judge other people's work? But I'll go against the trend here and say that this image is rather nice. Reminds me of when I of some of the work I did with try-x pan film. I like the gritty poster look of it, fits well with the choice of clothing and the activity. However I feel that since the hands are such a large part of the compositional aspect of this image they should also be in focus. Just my opinion and worth exactly what you just paid for it though.

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