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    Been into photography very lightly for a few years now. Point and shoot stuff, just trying to capture what I thought would be an entertaining photo. Never thought much about composition, exposure, f/stops, etc... Here are a few of my choice P&S snaps:

    Best Damn Band In the Land... taken on Sony DSC-H5

    Close up of my daughter at 9 months... taken on Sony DSC-H5

    Doorway in Mexico... taken on Sony DSC-H5

    Pumkin Patch with my daughter... taken on DSC-H5

    C&C on these photos is appreciated

    Decided to go a little deeper into the hobby. Researched a lot and bought a D40 with the 18-55 kit lens and 55-200 VR for a nice price. After reading all the good information posted here, I bought a SB600 Speedlight to go on top of the D40... No jaw dropping shots just yet- but they will come.:thumbup:

    Thanks for reading!

    Cincy OH


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