Just before sunset - what could I have done to make this a better shot?


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Dec 30, 2011
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North Carolina
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This was taken out of the window of my car :lol:
Maybe it's the rescaling & image hosting, but is sure looks OOF.
Two things come to mind: Don't shoot from within the car (unless you are going for a certain look) and shoot a little bit sooner; it looks like the sun had gone too far down. There is so much going on in the bottom portion of the photo that is not being complemented by the moon towards the top. Remember to attempt to fill the frame with a subject. This subject being a landscape shot, the empty sky doesn't give the photo anything. Go out and try again.
If your going to shoot from a car you have to either have enough light to prevent OOF issues from engine vibration or shut the car off. You can use the window of a car as a pretty effective brace/tripod. They even sell special mounts you can clamp on to your window. Just remember with low light conditions your shutter speed will be pretty slow and any, and I mean any, movements inside the car will result in focus issues.
You limit yourself when you don't get out of the car - anyone with a camera can drive around and point the camera out the window.
Should have taken it 10 minutes earlier when there was more color.
Ok as is, except the tree is clipped on the left.
For a shot from a running car....this is just fine.
Bah humbug KmH, silhouette shots are nicer in my opinion. But my opinion is like my breath, it stinks when I'm close.
Silhouette shots are a dime a dozen.

As are moon shots.

Having said that, the bottom third of the frame is very busy. You have the dark streak and speckled clouds merging with the tree and the brush below, which altogether turns into unorganized "noise" and nothing worth taking time to look at as there is no interest there. Work on either keeping included elements separate and when they do intersect, make sure they do with some purpose or thought of design behind it.
For me, it feels a bit cramped. Thats just me. Maybe next time step back/zoom out and get the full tree, and shoot just a tad earlier.

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