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Discussion in 'People Photography' started by MohaimenK, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Just some shots I took (testing my borrowed lens) of random people. I realized my IS was off. These are the ones I found interesting out off all I took. Just wanted to share, no C&C needed, but if you do, wouldn't mind it either. If there needs an improvement in something, do share.

    1. Just chilaxin baby!

    2. Deep in to conversation

    3. You scratch mine and I'll scratch yours

    4. Hey I'm over here!

    5. Father & daughter moment

    6. A private conversation on the other side

    7. Just two friends

    8. Fine & Comfortable!

    9. Don't bug me!

    10. Watcha looking for?

    11. Father & Son *My favorite*


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