Just purchased the Sony IF for my A57


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Jul 19, 2012
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Waupaca Wi
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Having a need for a remote shutter release I purchased the Sony Remote Commander Sony Alpha Remote Control | Wireless Remote Commander | RMT-DSLR2 Review | Sony Store for my A57.

While the controller does work as advertised I should have done my homework before ordering it. My problem is the position that the IR (infrared) sensor is located on the camera. It is in the front right hand side. IR is line of sight so of course this means you can not stand behind the camera for the remote to trigger the shutter:grumpy:.
I can work up at a quartering angle from the side front. This post is not meant to bash the camera (I love my A57) or remote, but may serve to keep someone else from buying a IR remote expecting more versatility. I will keep this remote but will be looking at a wireless radio shutter release when funds permit.
Thanks for the link! It looks as if this one has one of the longest ranges of the RF remotes.

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