Wireless TTL transmitter for NEX-7


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May 12, 2013
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I just bought a Metz 52 AF-1 flash for my Sony NEx-7. So far I'm really impressed with it. I want to take it off the camera though so I'm looking for a wireless transmitter for it that will retain the TTL function of the flash. At this point I'd be fine if it was wired but prefer wireless. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
The Pocket Wizard PlusX is high on my wishlist, right now. It's about 100 dollars, but is the most affordable one of their line up, that seems to be amazing! I was going to do a cheap set and start with that, but for 100 dollars, I figured I'd go ahead and make the leap.
Anyone use macro tube set for Sony NEX camera? Which brand is good?
I have ones that I like. They have the connectors that allow the signal to pass from the lens to the camera. Because of this they were a bit more pricy. I think they were like $70, but still much less than an actual macro lens. I'll have to check the brand out when I get home. The build quality is only so-so too. PM me if you don't hear back soon. I may forget.

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