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Just to say Hi there from the outer Hebrides and my first question is?


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Jul 12, 2013
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Isle of Lewis, Scotland
Hi all,
Just joined the forum as I have also just received my D5100 this morning and have been testing it out. How ever I'm a complete beginner with an SLR and will be posting a few questions. First is do you have a beginners forum looked but couldn't see one. The second Q is on my old digi camera in review I could zoom in on the frame and save the zoomed image to down load. Can I do this on a d5100? I get opportunities to snap eagles and other wild life here but have to zoom in with the lens as far as it will go and then zoom the still and save before downloading to computer for the best results. Any advise on how to do this with my D5100.

In a way, I take the picture as close as I can get it with the lens zoom then in review I zoom in on the subject even further using the zoom button, then on my old camera just save the zoomed image. I do the same with the d5100 and get really up close to detail but can't save that image there and then. There must be a facility to do this but reading my books can't find anything that says how to.
Retouch Menu > Trim.
With DSLRs generally you edit, including crop on your computer.
Hey I done it,
Thanks Sparky,
Retouch menu>trim then press the zoom out button to frame area you want to enlarge and press ok. I thought it was natural to press the zoom in button for this but hey I now know.

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