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Just wanted to try and upload a couple of photos


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Aug 10, 2010
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Central England
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I think the problem might be communication. If you were looking for feedback, you didn't ask for it.

So, in case you were ;)

1) I'm not a fan of the cats eyes - they have the "green eye" effect from the flash being on the same plane as the camera.
2) Nice photo. Some hot-spots from what I presume is on-camera flash?
3) Needs some white balance / tint adjustment. Everything is a little yellow. Also it would have been nice to get the canal boat a little larger / closer as I expect this was the main focus of the image?
Hi mr Barney

1. I knew about the green eye thing, just thought it added a bit of a menacing look to an otherwise lovely little cat

2. Nope its available light from a late summers day in the evening. I guess thats what caused the catch lights

3. I added the colour in PS trying to give it an bit of an aged effect. The barge was just to give some scale to the view.

thanks for your comments, much appreciated


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