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Mar 24, 2012
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Old Saybrook, CT
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Light was a little funky this morning, but I found the Juvenile Hawk I dubbed Harvey hanging out along the beaches. He hammed it up like normal. Spent about 3 hours with him. Part of my mission was to test the dynamic 153 point AF in the D500. Group AF is still better with the head on shots.. Thanks for looking and comments welcome

1 This one is just a bit of a documentation shot. He kept trying to grab moles or voles in this persons yard. One of my missions is to get a kill shot this year, but since I never bait my birds it might take a long time time..
Harvey 9_18 5 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

2 Incoming
Harvey 9_18 3 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

3 I had been shooting with my 300. He flew away to a further tree so I went back to my car and got the 500. As I was walking back to the spot he dove stupid close and tried to grab a squirrel, He then looped around me and I had all I could muster to get his head in focus.. This is uncropped.. Flickr apx distance shows under 10 meters..
Harvey 9_18 2 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

4 Most hawks I have seen grab a rodent and then fly up to a tree, this hawk just eats them where he catches them.. Ol winky :)

Harvey 9_18 1 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Two from yesterday
5 Adult Osprey
Osprey Dive 9_17 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

6 Kingfishers for Danny :) Not sure whats going on but I've seen a few sets of Kingfishers that are chasing each other around like crazy. Even though it was really far away, thought it was pretty cool..
Belted Kingfisher wars 9_17 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

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