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Jul 31, 2003
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I have a Pentax K-1000 and i was wondering if I should replace it or not...and if I should wiht what?
The K-1000 is one of the grandaddy most popular cameras in history for good reason.

If you're good with that camera, you're good with anything.

If you wants to part with it for something fancier, I know there's at least one person around here that would probably want it from you.
Hang on to it!!! One of the best and most reliable cameras ever made. Even if you buy new, it's a good one to keep if it works OK. A camera is never too old if it works.
Ok Thanks, I'll hold on to it, I don't know if i'm that good thought.
I've had mine for over 15 years and it is still my primary camera. During all these years, I've taken it to service only once, for cleaning after shooting off-road mud rallies in the rain. I have a Pentax MV-1 as a backup, a Sony Digital, a Yashica MAT 124G medium Format, and now I'm thinking about an AF system. But the K-1000 will ALWAYS be my best and most trusted camera.
So, yes, keep it. Or I can take good care of it.... :wink:

I love this camera. It's truly a workhorse camera. This was my first SLR given to me by my father. I still have it. Unfortunately I loaned it to someone and they put alcohol on the lens to remove what they thought was a hair. They took off the emulsion and now everytime I look through the viewfinder, it looks like someone took a big black marker to it. :x My cousin who is a pro photographer says it is too expensive to replace. I still love the camera though. Definitely keep it.
Are you saying the mirror is messed up? The lens wouldn't show black marks through the veiwfinder. Shouldn't be that much to replace the mirror.
Originally posted by voodoocat
Are you saying the mirror is messed up? The lens wouldn't show black marks through the veiwfinder. Shouldn't be that much to replace the mirror.

Actually it would be the mirror. It wouldn't be the lens. You are right. How much do you estimate it should cost. I think i might have gotten some ridiculous quote from a vendor.
I couldn't imagine it costing more than $100 from a reputable camera repair person. I was quoted $95 to replace the mirror, ground glass and clean the lenses on my rolleiflex.
Unfortunately it's not the parts that are expensive, it's the labor. If you are getting a 35mm SLR repaired in the USA it'll probably be a minimum of $75, and possibly more.

I absolutely love K-1000s, but I have to admit, it's probable that it would actually be cheaper to replace it with another used K-1000 than repair it. On the other hand your lens is still good. Look for a K-1000 body without the lens or one with a different lens than you already have. I see K-1000s with an f/2 50mm lens all over the place for $75 to $125. Keep your eyes peeled and you can probably find an even better deal.
Cool, thanks! I will keep my eyes open for those. It just sucks that mine is damaged since it was my first SLR ever and it was handed down to me by my dad.

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