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Erik Kantar

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Mar 22, 2019
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Hi yall

I've been trying to find a flash that fits my k1000. went through 2 slr flashes and they don't fit the hotshoe. just bought a vivitar 283 that'll be coming in a few days now.

I don't want to do the whole trying every cord game like i've been doing with the flash. anybody know a cord so i can fire flash off-camera that fits the k1000?

would greatly appreciate any help!
Any non brand specific flash attachment should fit the K1000 shoe. Take a close look to see if it has been bent, it's pretty sturdy but possible. Flashes with a contact in the center match the "hot shoe" contact on the camera. For off camera flash, you will need a flash attachment that has a PC (Prontor-Compur) wire, not all have that. It fits the socket on the front left of the camera. Extension cords of various lengths are available.
This cord will connect the K1000 and the Vivitar 283:


(or one with the same type of connectors on the ends)

Most standard flash units should fit the K1000 hot shoe as well unless it is damaged or bent. The foot of the flash has a circular nut that must first be rotated so that it moves upward. Then slide the foot fully forward into the camera's shoe and then tighten down the nut to lock the flash in place.
You can also go wireless with an inexpensive flash trigger like this... Neewer 16 Channels Wireless Remote Flash Trigger for Canon Nikon Olympus Pentax | eBay
I own those triggers and they are specified for flash shoe voltages of 12 volts or less, so they are not suitable for the original Japanese production Vivitar 283 which has a shoe voltage of about 280 volts. I have modified my three vintage 283s for a shoe voltage of 5 volts so that they are safe for both my Pentax K-70 and the Neewer remote triggers.

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