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Nov 21, 2011
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Bought a used kayak a few months back, finally got the nerve to carry some gear out and try to shoot out of the thing. It's not easy for sure, the boat seems to always be in motion even sitting still.
I had high hopes of catching some wildlife but it was mid-day and hot! I did manage to run off a kingfisher, egret and raccoon, no shots of them lol.
Anyway thought I'd share a few shots I did get, First shot is from my Galaxy S3, other shots Canon 5D classic with the 100-400mm

If anyone has tips for kayaking photography please share!!



2013-07-17 14.13.39 by mtw2118, on Flickr

july2013_Bayou-018 by mtw2118, on Flickr

july2013_Bayou-025 by mtw2118, on Flickr

july2013_Bayou-016 by mtw2118, on Flickr
Waterproof bag. Good to have. Nice shots! I have never had much luck shooting out of a kayak. But I'm more into the rough stuff :D Looks like a beautiful place
Thanks Dinardy, I have the bag, it was a must have for sure! I purchased the kayak just for that place. From Wikipedia, Bayou Bartholomew is the longest bayou in the world meandering approximately 364 miles between the U.S. states of Arkansas and Louisiana. It contains over 100 aquatic species making it the second most diverse stream in North America.

Might take my fishing pole next time ;)
Im jealous, I need to pick up a kayak asap. I really like the lily pad shot
Cool looks like fun. I like #4 a helicopter dragonfly. Nice shot and comp. I seen people kayaking yesterday morning in Branford river and not one had a life jacket on.
That first shot makes me want to burn down my office building and get my fishing rods. Nice work!
Well, I don't trust my "good" camera gear on my kayak, because kayaking as I practice it, is a wet sport. However, I do have a waterproof D10 (with attached flotation) which goes with me on every trip.

$Mississuoi Bay_S_3352.JPG

A bit of weather caught us on a club outing - waves are minimal as we've just exited the mouth of a river and are starting to paddle across the bay. However about 1/2 mile further, there would be no question of taking photos as the waves and wind were sufficient to make us hold the paddle with both hands.

Other times, it's about communing with the fishies...


And a waterproof camera helps with the memories.
Ah. I assume you mean the white-balance. Yeah. I realized after that I needed a submersible gray card for appropriate reference.
Actually, I think he meant Kayaking. :sexywink:
I love me some kayaking!! I had off last week and was in a kayak just about everyday!! It was awesome!! I didn't take any camera gear w/ me though...hehe Brave man!!
Wow, you got 2, 3 & 4 with an o.g. 5D? I'll have to check into those on amazon and fleabay, those shots look amazing

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