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Sep 13, 2010
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San Antonio
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I would like to see a simplified version. Crop off the right one third. Then the left keep right sign would cause the eye obey where it runs smack into 2 arrows commanding the eye left again. The eye keeps repeating that procedure making the viewer dizzy so to speak.

The way it is now there is too much for the eye get caught in that endless loop to make the viewer dizzy. In fact the way it is now the right hand keep right signs tend to take the viewers interest off the photo's right border.

Another crop gets rid of the left hand keep right sign confussing the viewers eyes to go in opposite directions. The left eye wants to obey the arrows and go left while the right eye wants to obey and go right. Sure to make a confusing impact on the subconscious mind.

I applaud that you recognized self explanatory self contained story line subject matter.
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composition is very nice i dig the fact that you saw this and thought "must take photo now!"

i would however do a little more color correction / enhancement in post..
pop out the blacks / shadows a bit as well as brighten up the oranges.. just my opinion i often like slightly oversaturated images.. also when you print / put on the web.. images tend to loose a bit of saturation which i over compensate before i print / put on the web to balance that out.

just a thought
How's that for differing opinions? Thank you both. I will play around with different crops and absolutely try enhancing the color.
I think sobolik's suggestions are great. I would add that you should darken any remaining bright areas in the foreground especially, and also the background.
Hah!! What a funny photo! It really did make me laugh out loud. I like it.
+1 for Sobolik's crop suggestion. I would also lower the f/# so the noisy background blurs a bit more. That would help keep the eyes from wandering to the cars and buildings in the background.

Nice idea, tho. I lol-ed.

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