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Feb 3, 2012
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Hi there,

I am new here and had a question. I am fairly new to newborn photography and have been collecting props and blankets and what not. I recently purchased a sheep skin fur rug to use while photographing newborns and babies. My question is how do you keep them from peeing on it? I know with my other blankets and what not I put absorbant towels underneath to protect my bean bag and if a baby wets it then I can throw them in the washer and sanitize them with no problems. But with fuzzy things that are "dry clean only" how do you other newborn photographers photograph new babies naked on such materials and keep things clean?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Welcome to the forum Stephanie.

If you put naked babies on something, they will pee/poop on make sure you can clean it. If you have something that requires dry cleaning etc. then keep the babies in a diaper or something...or maybe wait till they pee, then shoot fast and get them off quick. But speaking as a photographer and a father of 3....good luck with that working out :lol:

It's often hard to tell if something is real or faux in a photo...especially when it's a photo about a baby or something. So I'd suggest buying cheaper faux stuff that can be washed and then tossed when it looks too worn.
yes they sell that sheepskin fabric at the fabric stores. they are washable and cheap too....especially with a coupon ;)

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