Kelowna Boardwalk


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Mar 20, 2009
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Kelowna, B.C.
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That tree looks great! looks like a perfect shot to me! love the bend in the boardwalk.
thank you :)
funny, i took this last summer and hated it
saw it again today and said "hey, that's not so bad"
Great shot! Is it just the compression of the jpeg that is causing that pixelation layering in the sky? I noticed it on your bridge photo too.
I noticed the pixelation as well. But it's a very good shot. I like the cropping of the tree. It works for this. I love the reflections toward the other side of the water.
thanks very much!

i honestly don't know what's with that pixelaton
i didn't pp the sky at all :S
whhyyy is it doinnnngggg thatttt??

weird... seems to happen when i convert it to b&w..
O WAIT - i know .... it was infrared! that's why......
let's look at this version... hahah....

Very strong composition - very nice lead in lines that work well - b&w conversion really suits the image - shadows from the tree are an added plus.

Nice shot -
First one is better ... I like it

The tree does everything
The composition is lovely...I like how the bend in the boardwalk and the slope of the hill in the background lead my eye into the shot, and the hanging branches of the tree help 'frame' the shot.

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