Ken Block / Vaugh Gitten Jr Drifting...

My fave is #2. Personally I think you should of used a little slower shutter to completely blur out the wheels so it would seem like it were moving. Great capture non the less.
#1: I think the crop/shot is a little too close - I would like the car to have a bit more room. I do like the perspective of the car coming at you. You had your work cut out in this position though as the sun was on the other side of the car. That means the side we see is in shadow and makes it harder for the colours to pop.
#2: Very nice. I like it the best of the three. I think you might be able to make this stroger if you crop some of the "dead" space on the left. I like the space on the right as it captures the smoke trail and both cars are facing that way. I also like the wider viewpoint as it puts the cars/action in context.
#3: I think with a little more space on the right, this would have been my favourite.
Looks like a great day ... I would be heading back for more.
thanks! i have these pics plus more unedited still, since i was not using lightroom at this time i might try to evisit these tonightl..hmmm

if you have never been to sema, are in to cars at all and can get passes SEMA is insane, it takes up the whole , i mean entire every inside and outside square inch of the vegas convention center, even outside in the back! this was in the lot in the front, they normally hve drifting but i was lucky on day one of four to catch the formula drift champion (gitten jr) and Block, owner of DC Shoes, monster energy drink and the star of the insanely popular Gymkhana videos on you tube (like a kabillion views lol).

side note, i also met block later and he was pretty cool.i will be back next year for sure, but it likely wont be stars of this magnitude unfortunately, ugh!

anywhoo thanks , i think i will revisit these in lightroom this week.
I would love to see blocks badass fiesta in person. Cool pics but I think they would be even better if the wheels were blurred

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