Kenko lenses. Any good?


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Aug 25, 2003
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I am looking to buy a attachment lens for a digital camera. It is a kenko 3x lens. Here
I have no idea if the quality is good and that is why I am coming here to ask. It seems like a really good price from what I have seen but that could be because it isn't that good.
So if anyone has any insight that would be great. Thanks.
Thanks for the site. I was wondering why I couldn't find the companies main site and that explains it.
On the 19/10/2005 I purchased a Meade ETX125 Telescope from 47stphotos and after paying by PayPal, they told me I couldnt and PayPal refunded the money so I paid the US$1,159.90 directly into there bank account. they sent me an email on the 24/11/2005 to say that the money had been received and the item would be posted within 5 business days. On the 3/11/2005 they sent an email to say that the scope had been posted off.
On the 12/02/2006 and after several (20+) emails I was told that the scope was on back order. On the 6/4/2006 they say via email that they have been trying to contact me because they now need another US$100 for postage, and will not post off the item until this amount is paid.
I have just been onto the 47stphotos website and they are still selling the Meade ETX125 telescope for US$869.95 and according to there postage calculator the total to ship to Fremantle, Western Australia as US$1102.53, still some US$57.37 less than I initialy paid them. I have no refund and no telescope, but eBay has paid back to me some US$300 in compensation and have removed 47stphotos from the auction website.
I would very strongly suggest that anyone that wants to buy anything from 47stphotos

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